Friday, April 22, 2011

Via Francigena, stage 2/3, April 2011

Centuries old Via Francigena was calling us once again. We continued our journey from Fiorenzuola in Emilia-Romagna and ended this leg in Siena, Tuscany. There were very few pilgrims, during three weeks we only encountered four others walking this route.

The weather was on our side the whole way, blue skies and sunshine for the 375 kilometers, 15 walking days plus a couple of days as tourists in Lucca and Siena. This part was also kind of a gastronomic journey as it took us through the region of Parma and Chianti.

The last leg of the pilgrimage is planned for October 2011 and it will take us to Rome. They say all roads lead to Rome but we managed to get lost a couple of times. We didn't mind it as we took in the sights and scenery. We also took a couple of pictures as seen here below.