Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hiking in Turkey, October 2015

The pilgrimage this year started from Izmir (former Smyrna) and ended in Antalya. Had no fixed waypoints other than Efesos but came across many interesting places during the walk. People I met were polite and very friendly. Often we didn't share a common language but some elderly men had worked in Germany and spoke german. All in all the journey was a very positive experience.

Click on the first picture to start the lightbox slideshow with commentary.

Izmir, syrian refugees lying in the streets.

Men at work!

Bikes in Turkey are heavily China-influenced.

Mr K Ataturk (with top-hat) in front of a university in Selcuk.

Remains of the basilika of St John in Selcuk.

The Castle built in the 6th century in Selcuk.

Early morning, no rush here, just lots of brush!

The last home of Virgin Mary near Selcuk.

Remains of Efesos.

Hadrians temple.

The Celsus Library built about 100 AD.

The Great Theatre with 24.500 seats.

A peaceful road in the woods and...

...here comes a wanderer.

In the countryside hotels usually don´t serve breakfast so You have to find a cafe nearby, like here in Ortaklar.

Supermodern building in Aydin.

An extraordinary luxurious hotel for a pilgrim in Sultanhisar.

The best room on the journey.

Women working in the field and...

...men sitting in the cafes, Atca.

'Penis cut'-party in Nazilli

The cooks and...

...the 'washing machine'.

The mosque in Saraköy.

The World Heritage Site Pamukkale (eng. Cotton Castle).

The water is about 35 degrees warm and they say bathing is healthy.

Marketplace in Denizli.

Celebrating the halfway mark on the rooftop restaurant in Denizli.

Elections on november 1st. Erdogan smiling on every street corner..

Decorating the groom with a 50TL bill in Kumafsari.

A stove with a tea- and waterpot, near Cavdir.

Europeans drink beer and wine, turks drink tea, Sögut.

River Marzuman has run dry so crossing was easy!

The Mosque in Korkuteli had 4 minarets and the turkish flag!

A valley in Sögütcük.

Descending to the valley below.

Camping next to the River Karaman.

After 20 days and some 500 kilometers, Antalya is in sight and...

...under supervision of Ataturk.

My goal in Antalya: Yivli, the fluted minaret.

The smallboat harbour in Antalya.

A bazar early in the morning.

A beautiful sunset.

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