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Camino Portugues 2/2, October 2022

Camino Portugues 2/2, October 2022.

At last after two years of covid I was able to continue on the camino from Porto. Not that many pilgrims on this particular trail. Most spaniards started from Tui, Spain. The northwest of Spain is called Galicia, this region is known for being rainy which I experienced first hand. It was an interesting peregrination and I met many interesting people from different coutries. Hiked 11 days and covered 211 kilometers.

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Awaiting new adventures. Started from Vaasa.

First night at the AirPorto Hostel.

On the right track.

More landmarks.

Igreja de Santa Maria de Azzurata, Vilo de Conde.

Marina da Povoa de Varzim.

Walking on the Camino de Costa on a foggy morning.

Riu de Cavado, Esposende in sight.

Dia Nacional do Peregrino, The national Day of Pilgrims in Portugal.

The Camino is well marked.

A modest pilgrim staying quite luxuriously at Hotel Monte Mar.


Rio Neiva, note the sign in the river.

Igreja Santiago de Castelo do Neiva.

Flowers make pilgrims feel happy.

Rio Lima and the city of Viana do Castelo.

The pleasure boat harbour and to the right high up is Santuario de Santa Luzia.

Praca de Republica in Viano do Castelo.

The Camino follows the Atlantic coast.

Igreja Matriz in the city Vila Nova de Cerveira.

There is an impressive Fortaleza in Valenca at the spanish border.

Now in Tui, Spain.

It's been raining and you certainly notice it.

Porrino: Fuente de Cristo and in the background Capilla del Cristo.

A pilgrims dinner, not much but enough. Sendasur Albergue, Porrino.

100km to go.

Albergue Casa da Herba in Redondela.

Rio Verdugo.

Arkade, Pontesampaio est. 1795.

Pontevedra centro historico. Convento San Francisco.

Caldas de Reis and Rio Umia.

Convento del Carmen in Padron.

In every village there is a public laundry. Lavadero y fuente de Vilar.

Everyone aiming for Santiago, here Martina (CAN) and Agnes (FRA).

Horreo, a typical grain storage in Galicia.

That's it!

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  1. Hola Olle. Buenos recuerdos, y buen camino. Un placer conocerte