Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Via de la Plata 1/3, October 2023

Via de la Plata, October 2023.

Hola Via de la Plata, here I come. It is always a great feeling to start a new pilgrimage. Started from Seville. Had no high expectations but I was wrong. The landscape of the first third of VDLP was warying. The first week was very hot but normalized later on. I met many other interesting pilgrims and enjoyed various discussions in the evenings. After walking for 15 days and about 330 kms I ended up in Canaverall.

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Arrived in Seville late evening. Canal Sevilla-Bonanza and Torre del Oro

The temperature was about 30C.

Well, carillado :)).

A pilgrims breakfast: cafe con leche y un napoletana. Studying todays route.

View from Puente de Isabell II: Torre de Seville.

Countryside north of Guillana. The sun is shining and not a cloud in sight.

Castilblanco de los Arroyos, Av España 43. Stayed at Casa Salvadora.

Ensalata con tuna y mucho agua frigo.

Almaden de la Plata; horsepower first.

Narrow streets in Almaden, Plazas are also small.

Due to high temperatures I started very early in the mornings.

Adios Andalucia.

Welcome to Extremadura. Castillo de las Torres.

Chewing the cud.

Ermita de San Isidro.

Monasterio in sight.

Peregrinos are always hungry (and thirsty).

Horses on a Sunday stroll through Fuente de Cantos.

National statue in Spain (Osborne).

This night I stayed at point 3.

Keep on the right side of the fence.

Chicory flowers.

Alberque Vincent Van Gogh in Zafra.

Plaza Grande in Zafra.

And a cafe con leche. (I am not left-handed).

Plaza Espana in Villafranca de los Barros.

Puente Romano leads to Merida.

Merida was founded by romans. Arco de Trajano.

Templo de Diana.

A 'private' albergue this time.

Die Phantastischen fünf pilger.

A royal pilgrims bed.

Aqueducto in the very early morning hours.

Embalse de Proserpina.

Yes, this way!

Aljucen must be a good village for pilgrims.

The albergue was very cosy.

Alcuescar, stayed at Casa de la Misericordia.

Castillo de Caceres.

Ayuntamiento de Caceres.

Albergue Municipal at the very center of Casar de Caceres
(my towel hanging outside the window).

Embalse de Alcantara.

Puente gotico de San Benito.

This time my pilgrimage ended in Canaveral. Will return next year :))

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