Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Riksgränsen, May 2010

This winter has provided very cold temperatures and heavy snowfall, this means it's going to take a long time to melt away.

We spent an extended weekend in May travelling to Riksgränsen, on the border between northern Sweden and Norway, to take advantage of our last opportunity to do some downhill skiing.

The weather was for most parts sunny and temperatures reached above 20 degrees C. The extreme temperature changes also meant there was a chance of fog, which we also experienced.

On our way to Norddalsfjället.

On top of the world.

And a view from below.

No border security here.

Readying to scale the mountain.

Scaling mountains is a lot of work,
so we just skied down this ravine instead.

There we found these berries and an unidentified turd
that had survived the harsh winter.

On the second day fog and clouds engulfed the entire mountain.

So we decided to take in the local nature instead.

Melting snow produces a lot of water.

We thought this day was going to be the same as yesterday,
foggy and cloudy.

But halfway up the mountain the clouds parted and
this is what awaited us.

We drove back the same day, which took about 11 hours.
Pictured above is Lapporten or "the port of Lapland".

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I haven't figured out yet if it's possible to link a map of the geotagged
images that are on picasa, but here's the general Riksgränsen area.
To see the pictures' exact position visit
Picasaweb where the
photos are hosted.

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