Monday, June 21, 2010

Huittinen - Pori kayak trip, June 2010

Our latest inland kayaking trip started in Huittinen where we ended up last year. Our goal this year was to finish up in Pori, 85 kilometers away, by the coast. The idea was to leave the car in Huittinen and after reaching Pori, one of us would take a bus back to Huittinen to get the car. This was the last stage of five. Fortunately there are a lot of lakes and waterways to explore in coming summers but there is no way to top the weather we had on this trip.

Start from Vasa at 8 o´clock.

Kayak packing in Huittinen.

Ready for river Loimijoki.

Church in Huittinen.

Fertile landscape.

Highway 12.

What is beyond the river wall?

Now on river Kokemäenjoki.

Small white horses on the river.

Tofieldia palustris.

Coffeebreak at...

...Mantan jokikahvila.

First night at Hummasaari.

What a mess!

Good morning!

Kolsi powerplant.

A 500 meter walk with the kayaks.

Time for a...

...lunch in Kokemäki.

Second night in Nakkila.

Quay with outbord motor.

Quay on wheels.

Ruskila rapids.

On the outskirts of Pori.

Pori in sight.

Our goal Kirjurinluoto, Pori.

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