Monday, June 6, 2011

Ikaalinen - Tampere kayak trip, june 2011

Our inland kayak trip started right after the 5o5- Championships in Helsinki. On sunday evening we drove to Manso-niemi, where we on monday morning set off. When we got to Kyröskoski later that day we found out, to our surprise, that the whole river Pappilanjoki in Kyröskoski was closed. One of us had to go back and get our car to get us passed this unforseen obstacle. Despite this setback the trip was a success, we had all kinds of weather and gathered 73kms.

Kayaks in the harbour of HSK (Helsingfors Sailing Club).

Stig-Helmer soon ready for the Finnish Championship.

Loading lots of stuff.

Our starting point was at Mansoniemi Camping.

Highway 3.

The morning was calm and cloudy.

First stop at Ikaalinen (for lunch).

A powernap.

Happy faces.

No passing here.

Kyröskoski was totally closed - one of us had to take a taxi back to our original starting point to get the car. (No the taxi wouldn't take our kayaks).

Kyröskoski power plant.

New start after a 5 km car ride.

First days reward.

Under a rain shelter.

After the rain the rainbow appared.

And sunset.

New day - new possibilities.

A traffic counter.

Very heavy rain.

Passing the powerplant on land.


On Lake Kulovesi (been here before in 2009).

Our camp for the second night.

Melo power plant.

+20 meters.

Nokian Kylpylähotelli (Nokia spa).

Coffee break on the pier.

All vessels are on their way home, including the 5o5.


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