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Hiking in Israel, November 2017

Hiking in Israel, November 2017.

Every fall for the past seven years, I've walked different stages of an ancient pilgrimage trail. I started walking, from Great St. Bernard Pass in Switzerland, and I've now reached Israel. The pilgrimage this year took place in November to avoid high temperatures. I walked mostly my own paths but also along the Jesus Trail and part of the Israel National Trail. I Visited many biblical places, met many religions and interesting people. After 15 days of walking I ended up in Jerusalem and Via Dolorosa.

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Starting from Haifa, Guest House Port Inn.

A copy of Burj Al Arab in Dubai?

A fleamarket in Haifa.

The basilika of the Annunciation in Nazareth.

Here angel Gabriel told virgin Mary that she will be the mother of Jesus.

Lots of accommondation in Nazaret. I stayed at Simsim.

Jesus trail started from Nazareth. The sign on the right.

Cedar woods north of Nazareth.

Jesus Trail (white/red/white) and Israel National Trail (orange/blue/white) sometimes share the same path.

Abu Bakr Mosque in Cana.

Again a new trailmark, this time for the Gospel Trail.

Crossing highway 65.

Beautifull wall of bougainvilles.

The port in Tiberias. The waterlevel in Lake Kinneret has dropped a lot due to irrigation.

Horns of Hattin. Saladin defeated the Crusaders here in 1187.

View from the top of Hattin.

Arbel Ancient Synagogue. Not in use anymore!

Lake Kinneret (or Sea of Galilee) and the city Tiberias.

Lazy tourists!

Lake Kinneret has fresh water.

Mensa Domini Church in Tabgha.

The Jesus trail ends here, at the entrance to Capernaum. Here Jesus spent his adulthood and performed many miracles.

Synagogue (4th-5th century BC) in Capernaum.

Back to Haifa by bus. Here is the Shrine of the Bab (peace and harmony).

Now walking south. The main beach in Haifa Hof HaCarmel.

Marks for Israel Trail and Ramot Menashe Trail (the green foot, a regional trail).


Fishing harbour in Jizr es Zarga.

A two thousand year old aqueduct bringing water to Cecarea.

The Crusader Gate in Cecarea.

A modern sculpture on the beach.

Jisr ez Zarga seen from the coast. It is an arab city.

Modern architecture inTel Aviv.

Tel Aviv Yachting Club.

Bought bananas and apples for the trail.

The Chords Bridge in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Old City Walls and Jaffa Gate.

It is said that here on the left side Pilate condemned Jesus and He got the cross on the right side. Via Dolorosa.

Every last step is marked. Here point V: Simon of the Cyrene is forced to carry the Cross.

Western Wall, left side for men, right side for women.

Dome of the Rock, Temple Mount.

Golgata (maybe) marked the end of my pilgrimage this time.

Sundowner i Tel Aviv.

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