Sunday, June 18, 2017

Kayak trip Kuopio - Rantasalmi, June 2017

Paddling Kuopio - Rantasalmi.

This year our inland tour started from Kuopio. We experienced all three days both sun and rain. After 115 kilometers we ended up in Ranta-salmi.

Click on the first picture to start the lightbox slideshow with commentary.

Mikael and Olle ready at Särkiniemi beach in Kuopio, ready to start the trip.

Saaristokaupunki in Kuopio.

The first rain on Lake Kallavesi.

After rain came sunshine and double rainbow.

Coffee on a floating pier at Sotkanniemi beach.

We stayed the night!

Waterways on Lake Saimaa.

Approaching the lock at Konnus.

Self service here.

Leppävirta and highway 534.

A small barn (or bonfire to be) on the very small isle of Kariluoto.

Always time for a  nice cup of coffee.

Varkaus in sight.

Jan has joined the group.

Stayed the night in the yacht club in Varkaus.

Taipale lock in Varkaus.

Timber everywhere!

No shallow is going to stop us!

Going underground.

Our daily rainshower.

Crossing a manmade bank near Kupiala.

Smiling despite the rain.

Due to the overuse of fertilizers the waterways are overgrown.

A bottom dam near Rantasalmi.

The reward at Hotel Rinssi-Eversti (Pekka Lipponen) in Rantasalmi.

We will return to Saimaa next summer.


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