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The Lycian Way, October 2018

The Lycian Way, October 2018.

Lycia is the historical name of the Teke Peninsula which is the bump on Turkeys southwest coast between Fethye and Antalya. In ancient times there were many small towns and the region was called Lycia. But soon it was invaded by persians, greeks and romans. They have all left their marks.

My hike started from Fethiye and ended up in Geyikbayirinear Antalya. For the most part I follewed The Lycian Way which is marked, although I took some shortcuts. Walked 18 days and covered about 350 kilometeres.

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The Lycian Way, Likia yolu in turkish, starts from Ovacik near Fethiye.

Öludeniz Beach. Paragliders start from the mountains and land here.

Faralya and on the cliff George´s House. On the right Butterfly Valley.

Kabak Bay and plaj (beach). The Mediterrain is deep blue.

Alinca where I rented a small cottage.

Efes (a local beer) was delicious.

You can see the small village of Alinca up in the right corner.

A rough Lycian Way and the red and white sign.

The village of Bell. Some people don´t need a real cemetery.

Xanthos was the administrative and religious centre of Lycia from about 700 to 545 B.C. Then came persians, greeks and romans. And all of them have built here.

Some of the finest lycian monuments from Xhantos you'll find at the British Museum in London.

Flower power!

What a pleasure for feet. Kalkan.

This aqueduct passes a valley and that´s why romans had to use pipe made of stone. The blocks 90 x 90cm and 50cm thick, unbelievable!

This is the Way, 4-wheeldrive.

The city of Kas.

Afternoon coffee and a waffle with nutella, banana, strawberry and chocolate, delicious!

The drowned city near Simena.


Sarcophagi looking down to the sea.

Borrowed a sit-on-top kayak in Simena.

Lunch at Ucagiz. The kayak parked at the restaurant.

Nekropolis at Myra (Demre).

Myra also had quite a big roman theater.

Greenhouses in Demre city centre.

Always time for a chai tea with builders.

A 2 km long plaj (beach) south of Demre but no tourists or locals.

Finike. View from my hotelroom in the morning.

Jandarna vehicle in Adrasan.

Boatbuilder in Adrasan.

A normal toilet in the turkish countryside.

Olympos was once an important city in Lycia.

A roman sarcophagus.

Ciralis beach.

Beautiful paperflowers in Ciralis.

Near The Roman bridge in Kemer, munching on a juicy pomegranate.

Candir valley and Sivri mountains.

Climbers in Geyikbayiri.

The Lycian Way ends to Geyikbayiri.

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