Saturday, June 29, 2019

Kayaking on Lake Vuoksi, June 2019

Kayaking on Lake Vuoksi, June 2019.

This year our inland tour started and ended in Savonlinna. We paddled on Lake Pihlajavesi.
I paddled alone for the first three days after which a couple of friends also joined in. Paddled a total distance of 215 kilometers in 6 days.

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It was late when I started from Savonlinna but this time of the year it's light almost all the time. After four hours paddling I found a camping site at Taikinasaari.

Next morning was rainy. The first bridge of many at Punkaharju: Hirvensalmi.

Bridge at Tuunaansalmi.

Visitor center Harjun Portti, this time in a kayak.

Kivisilta at Punkaharju.

Bridge at Punkasalmi.

The harbour of Puruveden Yacht Club. Had a lunchbreak in Punkasalmi.

A part of the Salpa Line at Kongonsaari. The Salpa Line was built 1940 near the eastern border to defend against a possible Soviet invasion.

Yes, this could be a possible a campsite.

Northern end of Pieni Haukisaari. The sun is now shining.

A short coffeebreak at Salosensalmi.

Pitkäsalmi "hole" looks like a heart.

A finnish dream: an island of Your own.

Vekaransalmi. A bridge under construction.

The Rowing Stadium at Sulkava.

Sulkava church.

Camping site at Juuvinsaari.


Savonlinna in sight.

Joined by fellow kayakers; Tom, Mikael, Olle and Jan. All with Seabird kayaks!


The Bishops summer place, Satamoniemi.

Kokonselkä, the wind is increasing.

A short siesta at Syrjäispää.

Before starting, a quick glance at the map.

The Finnish Steam Yacht Association had a place of their own at Laukonsaari.

This tour came to the end in Savonlinna. We will return next summer.


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