Friday, August 26, 2011

Hiking in Norway, August 2011

Needed some fresh air so we went hiking in Finnmarken in Norway. Nine days living rough and without human contact, food was great.

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Monday morning at the Rovaniemi railway station.

And here comes the car.

Food and equipment for 10 days in the wilderness is packed.

Our transport further into the wilderness.

Hold on!

No hobbits here, just a sami camp.

Our first camp.

A late dinner.

Waking up on our first morning and after a good nights sleep.

Now it was time to catch dinner (Tom, Heikki and Olle).

Long distances between small lakes...

...require many breaks.


Dwarf birch (Betula nana).

The water was quite clear.

A lemming (they are very fast swimmers).



Releasing a trout.

Heading for new hunting grounds.

Backpacks weighed about 25 kgs.

It was not easy jumping streams with the backpacks.

Wind shelter for Trangia.

Our second camp.

Cloudberries are ripening.

Which bait? Decisions, decisions.

Planning the day.

Morning bath, water about +10 degrees.

New sceneries.

After 4 days the first contact with woods.

Relaxing after a days walk.

The third camp.



Char (Salvelinus alpinus).

A swamp.

Fishing in the rapids.

Preparing the sauna.

The stones are now glowing hot.

2 kgs of rubbish.

9 days later we were picked up and headed back home.

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