Monday, October 10, 2011

Via Francigena terza parte

The third and final part of Via Francigena. We started from Siena where left off last march. Via Francigena roughly follows the SS2 (Strada Statale) highway, which is mostly built on the old roman Via Cassia road.

Tuscany and Lazio were the provinces we passed this time around. Again we had luck with the weather, even if it was october. Just a little rain on the last walking, there were a total of 15 walking days. Our goal was Basilica di San Pietro and Pietros tomb in the Vatican.

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With Trenitalia from Roma to Siena.

From here, Il Campo in Siena, we started our third and final part of Via Francigena.

Porta Romana and out from Siena.

We spent the first night at the Duo Ponti Palace Hotel.

Siena in a view from the south.

No one shall pass here.

But we had no trouble crossing the railway.

Again, a new kind of roadmarker.

Cappella Pieri Nerli.

The local 'Parliament' in Ponte d´Arbia.

The 'Ponte'.

Our albergo was quite old or it had suffered earthquake damage, we don't know.

Morning mist.

We passed our dinner on the road.

Midday, time to change to shorts.

A common way to dry clothes.

The vineyards of Tuscany.

The reward after a day´s walk, not wine but beer.
In the background germans touring San Quirico d´Orcia.

Sunset from our window.

Bagna Vignoni and ponds with hot water pouring out from the ground.
Here the old romans took hot baths.

Modern people enjoying a footbath.

P. Poggio Covili.

How's the shepherd supposed to get everybody into that small car?

Our hostel in Radicofani: Spedale di San Pietro e Giacomo.

Radicofani from the south.

Entering Lazio.


Chicory (Cichorium intybus).

A market in San Lorenzo Nuovo.

Lago di Bolsena is a quite large lake.

Basilika Santa Christina in Bolsena.

Yacht Club Bolsena.

A strange formation of rocks called "Thrown stones".

Wild boar hunting in progress.

Madonna di Turona.

Again a new roadmarker.

An old Roman road (Via Cassia). Wonder where it leads?

Attenti cani.

Montefiascone skyline, unchanged for a thousand years.

It was olive harvesting season.

In this supermercado they sell wine by the liter.

Goodbye Capranica.

Visiting a local pilgrim.

The mainstreet in Campagnano di Roma.

The photographer in Campagnano di Roma.

Suore Delle Poverelle.

It was raining the last day of walking. It resulted in the worst
flooding for years in neighboring cities.

We had Rome in our sights.

Ceremonial foot washing in Spedale della Provvidenza.

Piazza Pio XII.

Basilika di San Pietro.

Guardia Swizzera.

Tomba dell´Apostolo Pietro.

The dome.

The dove of the Holy Spirit dates back to 1655.

Repairs are always ongoing.

1023 kilometers later. You have reached Your destination!

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  1. Great photos. I imagine you have many more... Did you keep a diary? How did you select the sections to walk in the 15 days? Is October considered to be "rainy season"? Thank you very much for sharing. I plan to walk next the last part of the Francigena next October.
    Buen Camino!