Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kayak trip Hämeenlinna - Tampere, June 2012

Early this summer we paddled from Hämeenlinna to Tampere. The inland lakes are already warmed up this time of year but sadly the trip started in rainy weather. By day two the weather started clearing up. On the fourth and last day we experienced good tail-winds and surfs. When we reached Tampere our Suunto GPS showed we had travelled 101 kilometers.

Click on the first picture to start the lightbox slideshow with commentary.

Start from Hämeenlinna in the rain.

Paddling through the city of Hämeenlinna.

Hämeenlinna = Häme Castle

Next to Häme Castle is the Artillery Museum of Finland.

The Holy Cross Church in Hattula. From the 14th century.

Arriving in Hattula.

A coffee break in Hattula.

Arriving late to our first camp.

A new day, and the sun is shining.


Lake Vanajanselkä is large.

Summer has arrived.

Cottonwool skies.

Sääksmäki suspension bridge.

A very narrow bridge.

Visavuori pier.

Cooking and stretching.

And afterwards a powernap.

Then culture.

The studio of sculpter Emil Wikström. An astronomical observatory in the tower.

Väinämöinen; ain yhä ajattelevi

J V Snellman

Zacharias Topelius

C G Mannerheim

Mikael "Karlsson på taket"

Kari´s Pavillion (Emil W. was Kari´s father in law).

Guest artist at the Museum.

Pojat verkkoja selvittämässä.

A beautiful evening in Toijala.

Wine and sausages.

Second night in Toijala.

The city even offered a rainshelter for breakfast.

Under highway 3.

Seagull chicks.

Lempäälä Canal.

The manual.

Pull the rope.

Traffic light went green.


New waters can be seen, 2,4 meters lower.

Then just wait and out.

Having lunch in a Lempäälä restaurant.

5 o´clock coffee on the isle of Salonsaari.

Tuesdays trek was 42 kilometers long.

Time for a song...

...and dinner.

The shore was very stony.

Tampere in sight.

4 days and 100 km later we reached our goal, the rowing club Takon Soutajat in Tampere.

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