Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cammino di Assisi, October 2012

Cammino di Assisi is a relatively new pilgrimage route in central Italy. It stretches from Dovadola near Forli to Assisi near Perugia. The map we got in Dovadola was not stellar but luckily we brought a roadmap with us. The pilgrimage is about 300km and planned to last for 12 days. The pilgrimage was very good exercise because it was most of the time either uphill or downhill. We were this years last pellegrinis and all in all it was a very interesting experience.

Click on the first picture to start the lightbox slideshow with commentary.

Rifugio Benedetta in Dovadola.

Starting point in Dovadola Abbasia di S.Andrea.

The town of Dovadola.

But first a morning coffee with croissant con chocolata.

The first sign on the Cammino.

Typical Camminoway. We had many misty mornings.

The first night on the Cammino we spent in refugio Capannina.

Other "guests" on Capannina.

The first time we saw the letter T.


A light lunch. From left to right Marco, Olle and Klaus.

Are two pellegrinis too heavy? The bridge over Fiume Montone.

Time to peel off the trouser-legs.

Linaria vulgaris, Common Toadflax.

At Agri ca Ridolla in Premilcuore. Specialized in horses (and donkeys).

Ridollas guesthouse.

A very special, five-legged guest there.

A german? No, an italian pellegrini.

Casa del pellegrino in Cornioli.

A ring in the wall for horses or walking sticks.

The bedroom was on the second floor.

The next morning was very rainy and we had to ascend more than 1000 meters.

Passo della Calla.

The ridge (highest altitude on the Cammino 1500 m) between Emilia-Romagna (on the left side) och Toscana (on the right).

Eremo di Camaldoli has been here for only 1000 years.

Forest Rangers Refuge i Camaldoli.

Waterfall, fiume d´Isola.

Pellegrini lunch in the piazza in Badia Prataglia.

The boars have been seaching for something to eat.

Biforco. Marco drinking water.

Some interesting formations on this rock wall.

Who stares at who??

Saint Francis lived here in the 12th century.

La Verna.

Chiusi della Verna.

Francis receiving the stigmata September 14th 1224.

Shepherd´s dog working.

The Yacht Club in Sansepolcro.

Cichorum intybus, Chicory.

The market opens early in the morning.

The walls surrounding the old town in Sansepolcro.

No hurry anymore.

Eating on a playground in Titta.

Very simple for a pellegrini. Citta di Castello.

Pathfinding. The Cammino was sometimes poorly marked and the map resembled more of a schedule.

Pietralunga seen from the west.

The Piazza in Pietralunga in the morning.

The first sunrays.

The spiders have been busy during the night.

San Benedetto Vecchio.

Studying how to enter the city of Gubbio.

Colacem in Gubbio.


Casacastalda. Bread and beer from the alimentari on the opposite side = lunch.

A short break = siesta. Note the drying sock on the backpack.

Gas pipelines are everywhere.

Our goal in Assisi visible.

Ponte Santa Croce.

Porta San Giacomo.

Basilika Papale.

It is all over!

It was saturday which meant a lot of tourists.

The Basilika was beautifully decorated.

There He lies Francis of Assisi 1182-1226.

You can see the sign for the Cammino di Assisi on the lawn. The letter T symbolizes the Fraciscan Order and also life itself.


  1. I came across your site from a Cammino di Assisi google search. lovely pictures. i am drawn to the pilgrimmage, but know very little of the logistics. Are their resources you could recommend?

  2. pictures good how high up did you get ?

  3. Thank you so much for your photo series. I had decided to do the Cammino last year and will be starting my journey in mid-August. Your photos have given me more information about what to expect. I will definitely be taking a detailed map of the area. I am very nervous about the walk and hope that there are other, more experienced walkers who will be making the journey at the same time.