Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kayak trip Pihdipudas - Äänekoski, June 2013

Photos from our annual kayak trip on the finnish inland lakes.

Click on the first picture to start the lightbox slideshow with commentary.

Guest harbour in Pihtipudas.

Olle, Mikael and Tom.

Adjusting the pedals.

First break in Heinunniemi.

Aproaching Kärnänkoski.

It was raining the next morning.

Passing Kärnänkoski on wheels.

Back in the water.

Checking out Taikinaiskoski.



Entering Sahankoski.



Passing Kymönkoski on wheels.

The nice houseowner gave us permission to trot through his garden.

Kayaking (not singing) in the rain.

A barge from yesteryear.

Had a break at Viitasaari ABC (the local gas station).

On lake Keitele.

Moo stares at moo?

Reached our goal for the day: the guest cottage of Wiitasaari Yacht Club.

New day, new possibilities.

Good tailwinds.

Kayak harbour at Listonsalmi.



A national romantic summer house.

A power nap.

Matilanvirta bridge.

Is this a good place to set up camp? Yes, sun in the evening and... the morning.

4 days and 111 kilometers later in Äänekoski.

By bus to Pihtipudas to fetch our cars.

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