Thursday, October 31, 2013

La Via Del Francigena Sud, October 2013

Already in the Middle Ages Finns made pilgrimages to Rome. Some of them continued their pilgrimages to the Holy Land. Some years ago the route in Italy was reconstructed and named La Via Francigena del Sud. My route ended in Brindisi and took three weeks to complete. One morning it rained for a couple of hours, otherwise the sun was shining all the time. Met many interesting italians but only one other pilgrim. Nevertheless, I can warmly recommed the Via.

Click on the first picture to start the lightbox slideshow with commentary.

La Via Francigena del Sud starts from piazza San Pietro. Here our pilgrimage from Gran San Bernardo ended almost exactly two ears earlier. Here's a link to that album.

There must be fish when cormorans are in the river Tevere. Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II.

Spedale della Providenz di San Giacomo e San Benedetto is newly relocated.

Footwashing equipment ready for use.

Circo Massimo, an ancient chariot race course.

Porta San Sebastiano.

Via Appia Antica. The stones are really worn.

At last out in the countryside.

Studying the Francigena guidebook, essential reading during the trip.

Ostello in San Marino.

The first Ichtus sign.

Another Ictus sign and Jerusalem crosses.


Morning mist in the lower valley.

Abbazia di Montecassino. May PAX stay here forever.

Rest in peace San Benedictus.

The city of Cassino.

Spent the night in Agriturismo I Castellucci.

Pietravairano. For some reason towns here are mostly built on hillsides.

Fiume Volturno.

Slept here in Alife one night, Parrocchia Santa Maria Assunta. It was like Notre Dame, only Quasimodo was missing.

Benevento. Arco di Traiano. The starting point of the Appia Traiana.

A short break before entering Casalbore.

Malva Sylvestris.

Cultivated fields as far as the eye can see.

My normal italian breakfast: coffee (cappuchino), water and a cornetto con chocolata.

Santuario dell´Incoronata... very modern both inside and out.

Cerignola in the morning. The photographer.

It was terribly hot in the afternoons.

A typical italian dumping-ground.

A less typical bedroom for a pellegrini. B&B Santa Barbara in Bitonto.

The breakfast-room was up on the roof.

Ripening olives.

Bari fishing harbour.

Scallop fossil.

Polignano a Mare.

What nice weather for a sail.

Hey, what´s this?

Lets go sailing on a 470.

The ancient city Egnazia. In the middle You can see Via Traiana.

An old cave where monks helped pellegrinis on their journey to the Holy Land.

Cattedrale San Giovanni Battista in Brindisi.

Via Traiano ends in Brindisi (Brundisium) at Colonne Traiane.

And here the seaway starts eastwards.

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