Sunday, June 15, 2014

Kayak trip Äänekoski - Jämsä, June 2014

Our annual kayak trip started were we stopped last year; Äänekoski. After 4 days, 4 locks and descending 13,5 metres we arrived in Jämsä where we packed our kayaks in the car and headed home, hopefully to return next year when we'll continue our journey along the finnish inland lakes.

This year we experienced all kinds of weather, even snow during the midsummer week. Here are some of the photos we took on our trip.

Click on the first picture to start the lightbox slideshow with commentary.

Mikael loading kayaks early Sunday morning.

Unloading in Äänekoski. Lake Kuhnamo. Tom has joined the group

Ready for the adventure; Olle, Tom and Mikael

Medicaments against everything.

One, two and go!

The current is on our side.

Kapeenkoski lock.

Pull the rope and...

...the lock opens

Just wait and the water goes down.

Now we are almost 3 meters lower.

Three fellows in shades and enjoying a well deserved refreshment.

Here come the Kapeenkoski rapids.

Now on a very calm lake Saraavesi.

Former beach at Laukaa.

Waiting for dinner.

Cows onshore.

Waiting for a thunderstorm to pass nex to Laukaa Prison.

Yes, we actually stopped next to the prison.


Making lunch in a hut.

Naissaari Guest Pier.

A floating pier with an outboard motor.

Muurame small boat harbour.

It wasn´t warm.

And it was snowing the next morning.

The wind also picked up on lake Ristinselkä.

Three fellows in the evening. Kiviönniemi camp, Korpilahti.

The next morning lake Päijänne was pretty calm.

A rainy day on Vanhaselkä.

Drying clothes during a coffee break.

What a hell, a dam in Patojoki?

No problem, just go around it.

Like kayaking in the Everglades.

Patalahti, Jämsä. What a tour (113 km:s) again!

Having a swim after the tour.

All that is left is to pack up our things and drive home.


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