Friday, August 1, 2014

Hiking in Finnmarken, August 2014

Spent the first weeks of august hiking and fishing. There was no human contacs during that time. The weather was good and sunny during the whole trip. The food consisted mostly of fish and was delicious

Click on the first picture to start the lightbox slideshow with commentary.

Equipment for a 2 week hike.

Shopping for food and other necessities in Rovaniemi.

Dressing for the wilderness.

Let´s fly away!

At the controls.

Our first camp, pitching the tents.

Our fridge.

The first trout caught by our camp.

The first week was hot as hell. Salted trout for breakfast.

Our weapons.

Proper clothing for streamfishing.

The streams were not broad and the bait landed sometimes in the bushes on the other side.


There seems to be something...


A nice looking trout.

The fisherman.

Preparing dinner.

Gas Trangia at work.

A new wonderful day and new adventures await.

Deschampsia alpina, fjälltåtel (swe), tunturilauha (fin).

Outsmarting the fish.

And the result speaks for itself.

Preparing lunch with some fine riesling wine.

4,6 kg and 72 cm and a happy man.

3,0 kg and another happy man.

The third happy man.

4,1 kg och 70 cm. Missed the video? Here it is again!


Dinnertime just after midnight.

Moving to new hunting grounds.

Most of Lapland does not have this good walking ground.

The second camp.

Preparing for the sauna.

The sauna tent in moonshine.

There was a lot of walking between different small lakes and rivers.

A nice perch.

Lots of ripening cloudberries.

Ceratopogonidae, polttiainen (fin), svidknott (swe). Their bites are very itchy and the result looks like this.

Cooking in the midle of the stream because it was windier and therefore less mosquitoes.

Time to go home.

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